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       Welcome to the home page of my site.

       The purpose of this site is to present my artistic productions of another way than in public exhibitions or presentations in my personal gallery.
I am a freelance artist in the French department of the Landes, you can find a personal presentation by click "Gill" button on the horizontal menu at the top, Gill is my signature. To the right of this button are the themes of my subjects from which you can view my creations with their titles and dimensions and technique used. In the horizontal menu at the bottom you will find a blog, which will act as the newspaper with important news for my business. Under the heading "Contact" is the Internet address where to contact me.
Wishing you a pleasant browsing this site and you as, if not the buyers, at least those interested in my works.
Hoping that your visits to these pages will give you what you seek,

                                                                                          you artistically,                Gill.




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